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Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus
Poplus cover.jpg
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus cover art
DeveloperKonami Computer Entertainment Japan
Kojima Productions
DesignersMasahiro Yamamoto (director)
Noriaki Okamura (producer)
PlatformPlayStation Portable
Release DatesSeptember 20, 2007 (Japan)
November 13, 2007 (North America)
March 28, 2008 (Europe)
April 11, 2008 (Australia)
GenreStealth action


Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus (PO+) is an expansion of the 2006 award winning title, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. The game is built with the original MPO engine and includes all new sets of missions, weapons, characters and all new multiplayer modes for online or offline play, and the ability to recruit several new members to your faction.

The game is a sequel of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and focuses on recruiting members to your faction. The biggest feature of this expansion is the online play.

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus is the expansion pack to the hit psp game, Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, and it does fairly well in terms of online play and gameplay.


The game features many new additions such as new soldier types, weapons, infinity mission, and settings for online mode have been updated/changed. The new soldier types are: Tengus-Appeared in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty High Tech Soldiers-Unsure of where they first appeared Genome Soldiers-From the Genome Army that appeared in Metal Gear Solid 1, they boast an addition that features changes their color via a special item called the "Heart Of J", or Heart Of Justice, as it really means. There are 6 different colors:

  • Black: The rarest and one of the better genomes
  • Red: A balanced type
  • Blue: Similar to the red, with a slight edge overall
  • Green:One of the best genomes, boasting at least one S2 or more in skills
  • Pink: acute level of senses
  • Yellow: Longer life and stamina rate

Gurlukovich's Soldiers-From Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty New types of female soldiers, mainly the USSR types and different varieties of them. Several new uniques make an appearence in the game, including the infamous Johhny, who is basically the symbol for Metal Gear now, with his bowel movements and his funny nature. Old Snake makes an appearence, and brings with him his SOPMOD, a variation of the M4, and the weapon in Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots. Local camos depending on what version you have also are obtained via Cyber Survival+, As prize soldiers for high scores online in the Infrastructure+ mode. Seal Team 6 also makes an appearence in this game, bringing the M4 with them.

The local camos: State camos if you've got the NA version and Country camos if you've got the EU version.

The new weapons in this game are: Mark23-It features a hammer style of firing, basically really fast firing with laser sight in Infinity mission, not online. M4-SOPMOD- Old Snake's weapon of choice in the final installment of Solid Snake: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. The regular M4 is just a standard weapon, and seems to be the replacement for the M16A1 in online modes. More soon...

The online modes have been vastly, VASTLY revamped. Now you can deal more damage based on the team sizes, for example, a 5 on 1, the 1 will do alot more damage compared to a 3 on 3. There is now Chat Rooms, where the results aren't saved, even if it is Real Combat Mode. Shooting Ranges, or better known as "camo farms", are matches where each team pits itself against each other in an effort to shoot more targets than the other team. Camo farms' rules are: No kill or kick, usually this rule is what makes a shooting range, a camo farm. The game is Real Combat, so you can gain soldiers from scoring points via shooting targets or STUNNING the enemy. Be wary, however of chaff grenade throwers and people who'll kill at the final seconds. Which usually will sever a kick to the player who killed next round. There are also new maps, some of which are from Subsistence's online mode.

More Soon...

Infinity Missions

Infinity Missions is a single player mode of MPO+. It’s made up of a series of stages that must be cleared in sequences.

To begin, choose a mission to attempt from the Briefing Screen, select the difficulty level and choose the squad you wish to deploy.

Each stage has a goal. When you reach this goal you will move to the next stage. Occasionally you will encounter Special Stages. These require certain criteria to be fulfilled (don’t get spotted, neutralise all enemies, time limit). After clearing a special mission, you will enter a Simple Briefing screen.

At the Simple Briefing screen you have the opportunity to re-organise your squad (including newly acquired comrades) and re-equip. When you exit this screen you will be plugged back into the mission so use this time to re-supply and re-organise to your best advantage.

Infinity Mission failure occurs if your entire squad is defeated or you fail to meet the requirements for a Special Mission. All items and captured soldiers will be lost. Proceed through the missions with a caution and remember that sometimes a tactical withdrawal is the best option.

Mission Cleared occurs when you complete all the stages of the mission. You will receive a bonus and unlock the next difficulty setting.

- MGS PO Plus Booklet

Online Matches

Match types

  • DEATHMATCH - Players earn points by defeating other players. The leading scorer is indicated by a Kerotan (a frog) above his head. Defeat this player fro bonus points.
  • TEAM DEATHMATCH - Two teams battle it out. Each team starts the game with a set number of tickets. These tickets are lost when a player is defeated. The first team to reduce the other’s tickets to zero wins the match.
  • CAPTURE MISSION - Capture Kerotan and keep hold of it for a set period of time to scare a goal.
  • TEAM CAPTURE MISSION - Two teams compete to capture Kerotan, place him in their goal and defend it for a set amount of time.
  • CHAT ROOM - Meet friends, chat and chill out.
  • SHOOTING RANGE - Two teams compete to shoot the most targets in a time limit.

Three Modes

  • Real/Virtual Combat - In these modes you can use the soldiers you have collected in single-player mode. Select a Sneaking Unit to deploy. If you lose the match in Real Combat, your fallen soldier will be taken by your opponent. If you win, you can claim their fallen. In Virtual Combat there are no character transfers.
  • Free Versus - In this mode you can freely participate in versus battles, even if you don’t have your own squad. You can only play this in Adhoc mode.
  • Gaming Sharing - You can send the versus battle portion of MPO+ to one or more PSP Systems.

Wireless Modes

These are the three ways that you’ll be able to connect and play online. Each mode has it’s own explanation so that you can understand it.

  • ADHOC Mode -Adhoc Mode is a Wireless feature that allows two or more individual PSP systems to communicate directly with each other.
  • GAME SHARING - Game Sharing facilities which enable the user to share specific game features with other users who do not have a MPO game in their PSP.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE - Infrastructure Mode is a Wireless feature that allows the PSP system to link to a network via a Wireless Access Point. In order to access this modes features, several additional items are required, including a subscription to an Internet Provider, a network Router and a Wireless Access point.

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