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A screenshot showing Snake blending into a wall by using the Octocamo.

Octocamo is a camouflage designed and given to Snake from Otacon. Although Otacon says the technology he used to make it was his own, it is later revealed that Sunny found out about it on the internet.

The Octocamo replicates what it is being pressed against. E.g, if Snake presses up against a red brick wall, the camo will take on that pattern. If you want to register your pattern for later use, you can select "Register Camo Pattern" under the Octocamo Section.

Snake also gets an Octomask to wear on his head which works the same way. You will notice at the beginning of Chapter 2 that Laughing Octopus is wearing a face camo as she disguises her face as Old Snake and then attatches herself to a tank and rides away. This goes towards her resemblence to the original master of disguise, Decoy Octopus. In the boss battle against Laughing Octopus she will use her mask to hide herself away and even disguise herself as objects and people. After Snake defeats Laughing Octopus he finds the mask and takes it for his own.

The mask works in the exact same way as you Octocamo suit and adapts the same patterns too. The only difference is that after having the mask you can find types of face camo around and try them on. Examples of face camo are: Otacon, Young Snake, Pixelated MGS1 Snake and Laughing Beauty.

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