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[edit] Background

Olga Gurlukovich is the daughter of GRU Colonel Sergei Gurlukovich and the mother of Sunny Gurlukovich. She became an extremely skilled soldier serving under her father, and met Snake in the Tanker Chapter in Metal Gear Solid 2, engaging a fight. She lost the fight and was tranquilized to sleep by Solid Snake.

Two years later, she is the commander of the troops guarding Big Shell, replacing her father who died on the Tanker. She secretly assists Raiden through the mission, taking the role as Gray Fox from Shadow Moses. On some occasions she even wears a cyborg suit, similar to the one Gray Fox used. Near the end of the game, it is revealed that Solid Snake and Olga were working together, and she helped Snake and Raiden into Arsenal Gear, where Raiden was captured by Solidus Snake.

Atop of Arsenal Gear, Raiden meets Solidus Snake, and Olga comes to help him when he confronts a horde of Metal Gear RAY. She tells Raiden about her kid, whose life depends on Raiden's success. Solidus then grabs her with his tentacles, before putting an end to her with the P90.

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