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Hal Emmerich
NameHal Emmerich
GamesMetal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid 2

Metal Gear Solid 4
Created byHideo Kojima
Designed by??
Voice Actor (En)Christopher Randolph
Voice Actor (Jp)Hideyuki Tanaka

[edit] Background

Otacon, A noted authority in robotics, and a genius hacker. Otacon took part in a top-secret ArmsTech project funded by the Pentagon's black budget to develop Metal Gear REX, a weapon of mass destruction. Haunted by guilt, he joined Solid Snake in forming "Philanthropy." Believing that Metal Gear technology could be used for peaceful purposes to save lives, Otacon teamed up with Sunny to develop Metal Gear MK. II, remote mobile terminal. He pilots the stealth-equipped MK. II and follows Snake around, providing mission support.

Hal has been through the mill with Snake. His first appearance was in Metal Gear Solid 1 when Snake saved him from Gray Fox, before he had the chance to be sliced into a million little pieces by the Ninja. Since then, Otacon and Snake have been best friends. Hal formed Philanthropy with Solid Snake and Nastasha Romanenko.

Otacon is the brains of the Operation. Eternally behind the scenes providing Snake with a myriad of useful new weapons and Gadgets. the newest of which being the Octo Camo and the Metal Gear MK. II.

Hal's nickname comes from his love of anime. Otaku Con or Otakon to be precise, which is a fan convention celebrating different types of Manga and Anime.


[edit] Metal Gear Solid

Otacon was the head engineer and designer of Metal Gear REX. He first comes to meet Snake when he is being attacked by Gray Fox.

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