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Para-Medic was one of the founders of the Patriots. She is a medical expert, who assisted Naked Snake in Virtous Mission and in Operation Snake Eater. After this she became known as Dr. Clark and took the lead on the Les Enfants Terribles project which created Solid, Liquid and Solidus Snake. Her other work also includes putting Big Boss into a permanent coma after his defeat in Zanzibarland and the transformation of Gray Fox into the cyborg Ninja seen at Shadow Moses. This last effort was her downfall as Gray Fox was eventually rescued from her lab and then went on to kill her as repayment for all the pain and suffering he endured during her experiments on him. She is understood to have carried out many cruel and unusual experiments.

[edit] Voice Actors:

  • Heather Halley (English)
  • Houko Kuwashima (Japanese)

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