Peter Stillman

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Peter Stillman taking refuge in Strut C.

[edit] Background

Peter Stillman is an expert in bomb disposal and has helped defused many terrorists explosives. He was called in to defuse a bomb in a church, despite his best efforts he failed to defuse the bomb and instead triggered it. It blew up the entire church and nearby playground. Stillman couldn't face the public or those families lost in the incident so he lied saying that his legs was lost in the explosion too, making everyone believe his leg was prosthetic.

Stillman then left behind his career in bomb disposal and became an NYPD bomb disposal consultant. Without an actual family or children Stillman took in one of his students and taught him everything he knew about bombs from constriction to demolition. This student was later to become Fatman. Stillman had just trained the one man who would end his life.

In 2009 Stillman is summoned at the Manhattan incident to defuse bombs placed by the Dead Cell member, "Fatman" with SEAL Team 10. But soon after the SEAL team are attacked and slaughtered Stillman ran to safety in Strut C, where Raiden and Pliskin discovers him. He hands them sensors and coolant spray with which they could track and dispose of the bombs Fatman had placed. Stillman then stashes himself away in a storage cupboard and contacts them over codec. After searching and disposing of many of Fatman's bombs Stillman begins to doubt they are the real ones. He notices that Fatman has placed them in inneffective places as if he is distracting them from the real bomb. Stillman then calculates where the most lethal place to put a bomb would be and sends Pliskin to check for a bomb in Strut H. Pliskin reports back to Stillman saying that he found a bomb in the basement of Strut H. Stillman decides to race down to the basement telling Raiden and Pliskin the story behind his past and reveals to them about his leg. He then tries to dismantle the bomb but Fatman had trapped him. Peter triggers a unscented proximity explosive that blows a chunk out of Strut H and takes Stillman down with it.

[edit] Trivia

  • When swimming through the basement of Strut H with Emma Emmerich you will notice Stillman's body floating around in the water.


  • Stillman's dog tag is found when players have to drag away Fatman's body to find the final C4.

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