President Kenneth Baker

President of ArmTech Kenneth Baker

Kenneth Baker was, during the Shadow Moses Incident, the President of ArmsTech, one of the leading manufacturers of the arms industry. His company initiated the development of Metal Gear REX for the purpose of recovering financial losses his company suffered, which were a result of several factors, including losing projects to rival companies and reduction in Strategic Defense Initiative spending. He bribed the DARPA Chief Donald Anderson to support the project. However, during a planned field exercise of REX in the Nuclear Disposal Facility on Shadow Moses Island, Baker was taken hostage during Liquid Snake's takeover.

During his captivity, he hid the optical disk containing REX's test data and gave the PAL card to Meryl Silverburgh, a fellow prisoner. He was tortured by Ocelot, his right arm broken during the interrogation. Upon being located by Solid Snake, Baker was wired to C4 explosives, but was released by the Cyborg Ninja, who also cut off Ocelot's right arm.

After giving Solid Snake all the information he knew about REX, Baker ultimately died due to exposure to the FOXDIE virus within Snake. He implied in his death screams that he had knowledge of FOXDIE, and what the Pentagon planned to do with it (although unaware that they would actually go through with it).

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