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Psycho Mantis
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Voice Actor (En)Doug Stone

[edit] Background

Psycho Mantis is a powerful psychic. Mantis was once athletic and muscular, and had no idea of his incredible psychic powers. Mantis' powers more than make up for his lack of physical power. His gas mask covers his face, which was deformed when he discovered his psychic powers. He hates the sight of his face and reels in horror if he sees it. Psycho Mantis was recruited by the KGB to make use of his psychic powers. He later left, joined the FBI, and then went to join FOXHOUND.

[edit] Game Apperances

Mantis accompanied FOXHOUND to Shadow Moses, where he fought Snake. He uses his psychic powers to manipulate Meryl and attack and confuse Snake. Mantis, defeated, uses his last breath to open the way for Snake.

Mantis was not finished. Mantis' persona was implanted into Screaming Mantis. Controlling this new Mantis, Psycho fights Snake on Outer Haven. With her removed from her Beast armour, Mantis appears. Mantis attempts to use some of his old tricks on Snake. Mantis attempts to read the memory card, but fails because the PS3 doesn't use PSX memory cards. He is, however, able to move the controller if the player is using a DualShock 3. Otherwise, he is unable to move it. In sheer confusion, he erupts, allowing Snake to proceed.

[edit] Abilities

Psycho Mantis has a wide range of psychic abilities. He can read minds - specifically memory cards - and comment on the information they contain. He can also manipulate others by controlling their minds. He is capable of evading any attack he sees in the past. Snake counteracts this in MGS and The Twin Snakes by switching controller ports. He can also pick up objects and throw them or make them orbit him. He also seems to be able to animate still images. Mantis is able to move a game controller using his mind (if it rumbles). Perhaps Mantis' most memorable power is his ability to cause a "blackout" of the game. In this, he makes it appear that the game console signal has been lost. A black screen with the word "HIDEO" is visible in this attack.

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