Raging Raven

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Raging Raven is the strongest offensively of the Beauty and the Beast unit. She, like all of the other members, suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her Beauty form is based on Yumi Kikuchi.

[edit] Background

Raging Raven

Born in Aceh (Indonesia), a place that had already seen years of war, she was captured as a young child by soldiers (whether they were rebels or with the government, it was unknown) and was kept in cages along with many other captured children. These soldiers beat the children every day due to all of the rage that they had built up by seeing years of war. The kids tried to hold on to hope and attempted to cheer each other up by reassuring one another that help would soon come, all the while barely clinging to life by eating what little scraps of food there were, but the soldiers would call them parasites and shit-eating ravens and beat them harder. Eventually, the soldiers suddenly left for unknown reasons, leaving the surviving,weak and helpless children to get eaten alive by the birds. The ravens picked apart the children one at a time but when they came for her, they instead somehow managed to cut her bonds and she was freed. In that moment, she was filled with an uncontrollable rage that smothered her soul. She tore apart the ravens and then pursued the soldiers. When she caught up with them, she waited until nightfall and then killed all the soldiers and the civilians that they had captured, all the while screaming and cawing. To her, there was no difference. This is why she screams "Rage!" over and over on the battlefield, as it was what those soldiers had imparted on her.

[edit] Abilities

Her main form of attacking is to use her grenade launcher with incredible accuracy. She fires single shots and performs carpet bombings.

She controls a number of unmanned aerial flying robots, named Strykers. They have missiles attached to their underside and their wings are razor-sharp. They frequently dive right at their opponents and destroy them with their wings.

Raven is attached to her own special Stryker, which carries more missiles, has larger thrusters, and is larger all around. The only downside is that it frequently overheats and requires a period of rest before it can be used again. Usually, it releases a large missile in order to distract opponents while it cools.

It is assumed that she built up quite a lot of physical strength, due to all of the adrenaline she exerts from her rage, and the fact she 'tore apart' the ravens when younger, and killed all of the soldiers with apparent ease.

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