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AliasesJack the Ripper

White Devil

NationalityLiberian (moved to America as a child)
RelativesSolidus Snake (stepfather), John (son)
Voice Actor (En)Quinton Flynn

[edit] Background

Raiden [Jack] was a child soldier that had no past, with no evidence of existence in file records. Throughout his childhood years he was being trained as a child soldier. He proved to be a superior soldier by taking command of a child platoon at the age of ten and was known as Jack the Ripper. Raiden later found out that his adoptive father, George was the actual murderer of his parents. After the Liberian War had passed, Raiden joined US Task Force 21 reconditioning ( or else he suppressed his bloody childhood memories, as he had no recollection of them until Solidus jogged his memory when they met again years later ) before being eventually deployed on the ill-fated Big Shell mission. He also trained through various VR (virtual reality) simulations, including some which were based on the Shadow Moses and Tanker incidents that Solid Snake was a major participant in. Raiden was part of the S3 Project. The S3 project was originally thought to be a project called the Solid Snake Simulation created to produce perfect soldiers that made Solid Snake the hero of Shadow Moses. However, it turned out to be the Selection for Societal Sanity, a mind control test. Towards the end of Metal Gear Solid 2, Raiden dueled Solidus and emerged as the victor. He ended up living with Rosemary, his fiancée. Tormented by his past, Raiden left Rosemary. He began searching for Sunny, Olga's daughter, who had been captured by the Patriots. He successfully rescued her and brought Sunny under the care of Hal and Solid Snake with the help of the Paradise Lost Army. With his absence, Rosemary claimed to have miscarried and remarried as well. Raiden decided to not come back due to these events. In return for helping retrieve Sunny, Paradise Army asked Raiden to retrieve Big Boss's body from the Patriots. In doing so he successfully aquired the body but himself was captured. During his captivity Raiden was put through experiments and tests similar to Gray Fox [Frank Jeager] including severing his head just above the jaw and transplanting it to a cybernetic synthetic body and became a artificial life form. Paradise helped Raiden escape and then asked him to aid Snake. Raiden was seriously injured when fighting Vamp, and Naomi and Sunny went on a mission to get a dialysis machine. Raiden informed Snake to seek the Paradise Lost Army base which lead to the lost body of Solidus that had been in place of the real Big Boss body. Raiden appears again to help Solid Snake and he battles Vamp for the final time. Raiden comes out victorious, and escapes with Solid Snake. However, during the escape due to the overwhelming amount of suicide Gekkos, Raiden gets off and fights the Gekkos himself. On his way out the entrance collapses and crushes his arm and legs. To escape he cuts off his right arm, and when trying to save Snake he stopped the Outer Haven, which lead to the loss of both of his arms. Aboard the Outer Haven, Raiden is equipped with an electric suit and fights off waves of Haven troopers to allow Snake to get to the core of GW. In the end we are shown he is fitted with a new organic body closely resembling his original body that was presumably disposed of by the Patriots. He finds out his child was not miscarried and the marriage was a fake to protect Rosemary and their child from the Patriots. In the end Raiden is reunited with his son, John and his fiancee Rosemary.

[edit] Other Games

Raiden appears in Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence. He is featured in the bonus video Metal Gear Raiden: Snake Eraser. In this video, he travels through time to kill Big Boss, thus preventing Snake from being created and allowing him to take the main character's spot in the next game. His attempt, as the Colonel points out, would create a time paradox. He teleports through time to various points in the game, running into Naked Snake, The Boss, Ocelot and, on numerous occasions, Volgin (mistaking Raiden for Ivan).

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