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[edit] Foreword

Well this is my first neowiki and I hope it goes well. This is a rundown of all the secrets or easter eggs found in the game. If your looking for something that you didn't know you could do or see your in the right place. I'm going to go through the game Act by Act to make things easier. I also intend to do each Mission Briefing as well. If I've left something out or I've made a mistake please let me know or fix it yourself. Now let's get started.

[edit] Act 1: Mission Briefing

(Note: The Act 1 Mission Briefing can only be accessed through the main menu) Ok for the mission briefings you are going to be taking control of the Mk.II. So switch to the Mk.II Camera:

  • Campbell Facecamo:

To obtain this facecamo all you have to do is ram into Campbell with the Mk.II and you will hear the sound that you here when you pick up an item in-game. You will get the facecamo at the end of the mission briefing.

  • Ipod™ Song:

Take the Mk.II upstairs by pressing Button x.gif when you reach the stairs and you will be able to pick an Ipod™ Song

  • Camera:

You can pick the Camera up downstairs in any of the Mission Briefings but unless you want to use it straight away i'd advise leaving it until Act 4.

  • Radio:

You can change the stations on the radio upstairs using the Mk.II's shocker.

  • Metal Gear Chicken:

Downstairs on the left hand side the source of Sunny's eggs are revealed. There are 3 chickens on board the Nomad called "Solid" "Liquid" and "Solidus". You can give them a hard time with the Mk.II's shocker.

[edit] Act 1 Liquid Sun

  • Skippable Cut-scene:

When you enter the Red Zone NW Sector and enter the building to your right a cutscene involving an APC in automatically triggered. To skip this cutscene empty your AK before you enter the area and equip the empty magazine. When you arrive throw the magazine across the road and wait for the 2 PMC's to go investigate you can then run directly down the road and into the next building. You will run by the approaching APC but no Cutscene will be triggered, this can save valuable time during a Big Boss Emblem run.

  • Statue Antics:

When you arrive in the Middle East Red Zone you will see a Statue in front of you. Walk up to it and press Button triangle.gif to hop on and then hold Button triangle.gif again. Snake will assume the role of the missing statue and use his hand to protect the other statue's modesty. Repeat this 3 times and the statue's manhood will fall off.

  • Middle Eastern Disguise:

You can find the M.E. Disguise in the NE corner of the Militia Safehouse. It's inside one of the lockers in the Locker Room

  • Enemy Technology:

In one of the rooms there are 2 Militia having a conversation about one of Raging Raven's unmanned droids. Beside them on the table is a severed wing of one of them that's still twitching.

  • FROG Doll:

If you defeat the FROGS using non-lethal means you'll be able to acquire this from the underground carpark after the battle. The doll will appear upstairs on the Nomad from then on.

  • Psycho Mantis:

During the Cutscene with the B&B Unit when you are Prompted to look at Screaming Mantis look to the left and you can see a ghostly figure of Psycho Mantis.

[edit] Act 2 Mission Briefing

  • Ipod™ Song:

Take the Mk.II upstairs by pressing when you reach the stairs and you will be able to pick an Ipod™ Song

  • PSP

Sunny can be seen playing a PSP upstairs.

[edit] Act 2 Solid Sun

  • Pervy PMC 1:

When you start the Core Valley Village area, look through the windows of the hut down below to the left. Inside you will see a PMC soldier ogling a copy of Playboy.

  • Secret Room:

If you protect the Rebels lying on the ground they will open up the hut to the right of your starting position, providing you with lots of supplies.

  • South American Rebel Disguise:

This can be found in the room mentioned above.

  • Secret Area:

When you cut the power in the Powersation climb the pylon and shimmy across the power line and drop into the adjacent area to get some extra supplies.

  • Pervy Snake:

During the cut-scene with Naomi Snake will drop his cigarette "by accident" hold Button l1.gif and you will go into first person view and see him trying to look up her skirt

  • Laughing Octopus Doll:

Take down Laughing Octopus by non-lethal means and collect her doll from on one of the beds in the Research Lab

  • Laughing Beauty Facecamo:

Take down Laughing Beauty by non-lethal means to get her facecamo

  • Nature Calls:

Near the start of the tracking Naomi section take the path to your right and you will find a PMC pissing into the river

  • Pervy PMC 2:

Further up the path there is a sniper aiming at what appears to be just a cliff face but he is actually staring at Naomi's Bra

  • Pervy PMC 3:

A PMC can be found in one of the shacks admiring a copy of Playboy

  • Don't Fall For It:

If you go down a certain path you will here Naomi calling out to you but don't be fooled this is simply a recording playing on a loop in a shed

  • The X Files:

Take the path to the left of the river crossing to find a crop circle and hear an audio flashback from MGS2

  • Walk Of Fame:

A metal plate can be found set in the ground featuring handprints and signatures from the development team. You can also register this camo.

[edit] Act 3 Mission Briefing

  • Ipod™ Song:

Take the Mk.II upstairs by pressing when you reach the stairs and you will be able to pick an Ipod™ Song

  • Otacon Facecamo:

Bump into Otacon with the Mk.II to get his facecamo

  • Raiden Facecamo 1:

Bump into Naomi with the Mk.II to get the "Cyborg Raiden-Visor Closed" facecamo

  • Raiden Facecamo 2:

Bump into Sunny with the Mk.II when she leaves her chair to get the "Cyborg Raiden-Visor Open" Facecamo

[edit] Act 3 Third Sun

  • Innocent Bystander:

If you use the civilian disguise with any facecamo other than Snakes you can walk by PMC's undetected

  • Following Or Being Followed?:

At certain points when the resistance member peeks out around a corner look behind you and can see a "man" in a trenchcoat and hat watching you from a distance

  • Thats Got To Be An ASBO:

In the park area the resistance member will take a break in order to urinate on one of the statues

  • Concept Art:

During the cut-scene that shows you escorting the resistance member into the building, hold Button l1.gif and lool around to see Metal Gear themed paintings on the walls

  • Oh The Irony!:

When the motorbike crashes Eva gets impaled in the same spot as she does in MGS3

  • Raging Raven Doll:

Take down Raging Raven by non-lethal means and you can collect her doll from the top floor of Echo's Beacon

  • Raging Beauty Facecamo:

Take down Raging Beauty by non-lethal means to get her facecamo

[edit] Act 4 Mission Briefing

  • Ipod Song:

Take the Mk.II upstairs by pressing when you reach the stairs and you will be able to pick an Ipod™ Song

  • Secret Photos:

If you refrained from collecting the camera until this mission briefing you will acquire a photo of Naomi in the Photo Album

  • PS3

A PS3 can been found on the table upstairs

[edit] Act 4 Twin Suns

  • Secret Scene 1:

Approach the surveillance camera in the northeast of the Heliport to trigger a flashback and watch as the frozen camera falls off the wall

  • Secret Scene 2:

Stand in the centre of the helipad for an audio flashback

  • Secret Scene 3:

Stand in the southwest corner of the heliport for an audio flashback

  • Nostalgia:

Aim the Mk.23 Socom pistol (Found under the truck in the Heliport) in first person view and snake will say "Just Like Old Times"

  • GhostBusters:

There are 30 ghostly images littered around Shadow Moses. These can only been seen when pictures are taken with the camera

  • RAT PATROL 01:

Whenever you are spotted by rats in Shadow Moses they will have exclamation marks above their heads!

  • Easter Island:

In the hallway leading to Otacon's office there are a row of glass doors look through the first one and you will see an Easter Island Statue

  • Code Breaker:

When entering the code to restore power, enter "14893" for 100,000 Drebin Points and "78925" and "13462" for Ipod™ Songs

  • Some Things Just Don't Wash Out:

Turn on night vision in Otacon's lab and you can see his piss stain from MGS1 beside the locker:

  • Secret Scene 4:

Approach the locker in Otacon's Lab for an audio flashback

  • Electrifying:

When the ambushing Gekko is on the electrified floor use the MK.II to reboot the power and fry the Gekko and collect 5,000 Drebin Points

  • Crying Wolf Doll:

Take down Crying Wolf by non-lethal means and collect her doll from the ground behind you when the battle commences

  • Crying Beauty Facecamo

Take down Crying Beauty by non-lethal means to get her facecamo

  • Wreckage:

The wreckage of the Hind D from MGS1 can be found in the NE of the Snowfield

  • Puppy Love:

When wearing the Crying Beauty facecamo all the dogs in the Snowfield area will have love hearts above their heads

  • Secret Scene 5:

After the Crying Beauty battle go back to your starting position for an audio flashback

  • Secret Sence 6:

An audio flashback can be heard by the Hind D in the NE

  • Secret Scene 7:

An audio flashback can be heard on the lower walkway of the south tower

  • Secret Scene 8:

An audio flashback can be heard on the path to the south of the Snowfield

  • Deja Vu:

During the Suicide Gekko fight try to shoot at Vamp and Snake will refuse and say "No! I can't!" just like he did during the Metal Gear Rex fight in MGS1

[edit] Act 5 Mission Briefing

  • MK.II Antics:

You don't have full control of the MK.II in this briefing, but you can look around and move the projector to annoy those present

[edit] Act 5 Old Sun

  • Screaming Mantis Doll:

Just simply defeat Screaming Mantis and collect her doll from the narrow passage to the north of the command centre

  • Screaming Beauty Facecamo:

Take down Screaming Beauty by non-lethal means to get her facecamo

  • I thought That Would Work Again

If during the Mantis battle you change the controller to number 2 you will get a codec call from the Roy telling you that the same tactic wont work this time round

  • Dualshock Disaster:

If you don't have a Dualshock controller Psycho Mantis will take it rather badly

  • Ocelot Antics:

If Ocelot gets you in a choke hold during the last fight don't do anything and he will plant a kiss on Snake's cheek

  • The Sorrow:

After the Psycho Mantis cut-scene you will hear an audio flashback hold Button l1.gif to see the Sorrow

[edit] Epilogue

[edit] Misc

(These can be done at pretty much any time in the game or can be done in numerous places in the game or dont fit in at all)

  • Bad Stomach:

Roll around too long in the Drum Can and Snake will get sick

  • Addicted to PS3:

When controlling the Mk.II in-game look back at Snake and he will be holding a PS3 controller

  • Kinky Rose:

Call Rose on the codec and shake the Sixaxis controller to see her breasts do the same

  • The White Room:

When fighting any of the Beauties wait long enough and you will be taken to the White Room. Here you can make the Beauties pose by taking pics of them with the camera. You can also make them dance by playing certain Ipod™ songs

  • Policenauts:

Ed and Johnathan from the RAT PATROL are named after characters from the Hideo Kojima game Policenauts

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