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There's plenty of secrets/Easter Eggs hidden throughout this verion of Metal Gear Solid.

[edit] Alex from Eternal Darkness Cameo

Lay a book on the ground and look at it in first-person view, and you'll see Alexander Roivas from Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. (NOT in Metal gear solid 1.)

[edit] Cardboard Box Transportation

Each of the three boxes are labeled: Helipad, Nuke Building, and Snowfield. When you're inside of one of the parked trucks while wearing one of those boxes, eventually a guard will appear and you'll be transported to the area depending on which box is equipped.

[edit] Cut-Scene Control

Hold the R button to zoom in during any of the cut-scenes. You can also move the camera around with the C-stick.

[edit] Developer Cameos

In the room where you fight Mantis, the portraits on the back wall are of developers of the game; (left to right): cut-scene director Ryuhei Kitamura, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima, and President of Silicon Knights, Denis Dyack.

[edit] Different Workouts for Meryl

When you enter the ventilation shafts, you'll see Meryl working out through the grate. Exit then re-enter the ventilation shafts and she'll be doing a different workout.

[edit] Eternal Darkness Poster

In the Armory, there's a room where a locker is full of Nikita equipment. Inside the locker, there's an Eternal Darkness poster.

[edit] GameCube and WaveBird Controller Cameo

You can see a GameCube with a WaveBird controller on the middle computer desk in Otacon's lab.

[edit] Get Mei Ling Mad

Keeping calling her on the Codec, and don't save about 5 or 6 times. She'll eventually get mad and stop talking to you.

[edit] Hidden Ghosts

Once you complete the game and unlock the camera, on your second play through you'll be able to take pictures of these 48 hidden ghosts. They can be found all throughout the game.

[edit] Increase Health without Ration

When your healthbar is low and in a different color besides blue, press X to crouch to gain health back.

[edit] Mario and Yoshi Cameo

You can find Mario and Yoshi figurines on top of a computer monitor in Otacon's lab. If you shoot Mario's head, a 1-UP message will appear and you'll gain health back. Both Mario and Yoshi say their names when you shoot them.

[edit] Meryl Taunts You

Before you meet up with Sniper Wolf, there's a minefield in which you have to cross. Meryl will cross it first and leave a path for you to follow. If you hit a mine, Meryl will whistle and then slap her butt.

[edit] Psycho Mantis Boss Battle Trick

When the word "HIDEO" appears on the screen, switch your controller to port 2. By doing that, Mantis won't be able to read your thoughts, which will make the battle easier.

[edit] Psycho Mantis Sayings

If you have a save file of rather Eternal Darkness, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Super Mario Sunshine, or Super Smash Bros. Melee, he'll talk about them before the fight.

[edit] Quick Way of Morphing the PAL Card

To avoid having to spend an hour running around Shadow Moses to warp the PAL card, run as far as you can to the right side of REX's hangar and flip over the edge. Drop to the ledge below and grab it, before flipping yourself up. There are two pipes here, one which contains warm steam and one which contains freezing liquid nitrogen. Standing in the blast after shooting one with the PAL card equipped Using them, it's possible to use all three forms of the PAL card without having to backtrack too much.

[edit] Repel Wolves

When you receive Sniper Wolf's hanky after defeating her, equip it and the wolves won't attack you. Another way to protect yourself from the wolves is: When in the cave area with Meryl, hit her and equip the box. She'll then order the wolves to attack you, but since you're inside the box, they can't harm you; instead, they'll pee on the box. Now, whenever you have that box equipped, the wolves won't attack you.

[edit] Replenish Health during Ninja Boss Battle

During the fight with Ninja, go to the top right side of the computer room and shoot the little Mario figure on top of the computer to gain health back.

[edit] See Meryl's Underwear

When you enter the ventilation shafts to get to the DARPA chief, you'll see Meryl working out through the grate. Exit then re-enter the ventilation shafts and she'll just be in her underwear. There's also another scene where you can see Meryl in her underwear: after you fight Ninja, your mission is to find Meryl, when you eventually find her she'll run to the restroom. If you run fast enough and get to the restroom a few seconds after her, she'll be in her underwear in the following cut-scenes.

[edit] Silicon Knights Website

In the Tank Hanger, behind a level 2 security door, you can see the Silicon Knights website on one of the computer monitors.

[edit] Skip PAL Card Recovery Scene

If you get more than 12 alerts during the game before REX's hangar, the rat won't eat the PAL card.

[edit] Snake's Haircut

Watch all the videos in the Briefing section on the main menu, noticed (or confused by) Snake's long hair in these scenes?. Well, once you've seen them all, exit from the list and a hidden conversation will play where Snake borrows a scissor from Naomi to cut his own hair, so he won't be mistaken for Liquid.

[edit] Upset Meryl

After meeting up with Meryl in the restroom in the Nuke Building, go in first-person view and stare at her, she'll get mad and say things like "Why are you staring at me...?" or "Don't look at me like that!"

[edit] Zone of the Enders 2 Poster

A poster of this game can be found hanging on the back wall in Otacon's lab.

[edit] Resident Evil Herbs

In the VR missions, Go to special, and select mystery and go to the 10th level, Once you open the door you will be able to see the Green (Top right corner), Red (In the bookcase, right next to a trophy) and Blue (To the left of the firplace) herbs from Resident Evil.

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