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The Shagohod

The Shagohod was a weapon developed by Dr. Sokolov in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. It was chosen over Granin's 'Metal Gear' project as the weapon of choice for Volgin to develop.

The Shagohod consisted of a cockpit with two large drill-like treads which could be used as limbs to traverse obstacles and a large back section kept up by a cushion of air. The back section had a large missile launcher mounted on it. The idea was that the Shagohod would accelerate to full speed then fire its missile, thus increasing the range of the missiles it fired. Launching missiles in this way nullified the need to construct massive silos.

Naked Snake attempted to destroy the Shagohod on Groznyj Grad, but failed. Volgin assumed command of the Shagohod and chased Snake and EVA out of the fortress to a rail bridge where they successfully used a C3 trap to send most of the Shagohod into the ravine. However, the front section of the Shagohod broke off, and Volgin was able to climb up the broken bridge to challenge them again. Volgin was killed after the battle, and the Shagohod was defeated too.

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