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[edit] Synopsis

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Fox Hound has just received word that terrorists are going to create a new Metal Gear and mass produce them to sell them on the Black Market. Fox Hound chooses Snake for this mission since he destroyed Metal Gear in Outer Heaven. They also chose John Turner and Nick Myer to help Solid Snake on this mission. The three men get off their helicopter and split up in... ugh... Ishkabibil's jungle. Snake finds his way to the main entrance of Fortress Fanatic and the plan to get in is a-go. John rushes in to get spotted by the guards, then purposely gets captured so the guards leave the door open while they're occupied with John. Snake gets through this base, taking down the 5 Elite Soldiers, and finds the ship that holds the produced Metal Gears. Snake places a Plastic Explosives on a crucial part of the boat and escapes just in time before the ship explodes. Snake then gets dropped off onto the prisoner's part of Ishkabibil.

Snake's commander tells him that even though they destroyed the ship filled with Metal Gears, there's still a Metal Gear 2 that's more powerful than the ones on the ship. Snake explores the prison grounds and finds a train where John Turner is apparently being held in. Snake peeks into the room where John's suppose to be but it was a trap and the man pretending to be John is a spy. Snake kills the spy and jumps off the train after it stops. Snake enters another base from Ishkabibil and gets from roof top to roof top to where Metal Gear 2 is being held. When Snake enters the fortress Jennifer tells Snake that Nick is somewhere in the base and is waiting for him. Snake finds Nick but unfortunately Nick is almost dead and tells Snake that Big Boss is back and plans to launch nukes all over the world with Metal Gear 2. Nick dies and Snake swears revenge against Big Boss.

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Snake finds Big Boss and is surprised to find out that Big Boss is a cyborg. Snake kills this new Big Boss and finds Jennifer tied in the next room. She wishes Snake good luck and Snake enters the last building where Metal Gear 2 really is. Snake finds Metal Gear and only has 1500 seconds until it launches nukes to New York, Tokyo and Moscow. Snake destroys the main part of Metal Gear 2, rendering it useless. Snake escapes Ishkabibil and repots to his commander. John Turner, missing in action, and Nick Myer was ranked 3 times after he died. Snake accomplished his mission and now lives with the fact that he's saved the world again.

[edit] Criticism

Snake's Revenge is often referred to as the "black sheep" of the Metal Gear series. This is because Hideo Kojima was not involved in it, and because the use of stealth was not as emphasised as it was in the original Metal Gear. Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake is considered to be the "true" sequel to the original.

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