Solidus Snake

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Solidus Snake
NameGeorge Sears
AliasesSolid Snake


George Sears
AffiliationsDead Cell

[edit] Background

Solidus Snake' was the most balanced clone from the Les Enfants Terrible project.

Solidus was fighting in the Liberian Civil War in the 1980s. There, he killed Raiden's parents and adopted Raiden. He trained Raiden to be a ruthless killer.

Solidus was president of the United Stated in 2005, the time of the Shadow Moses incident. The Shadow Moses incident was his own command, done in secret of course. He told Ocelot to persuade Liquid to steal Metal Gear Rex. However, when the existence of Rex and the Genome army were exposed, Solidus was forced to resign as president. After resigning and going into hiding, Solidus learned that the Patriots were going to kill him for his blunder. However, when in hiding, Solidus gained command of the Dead Cell unit, seeing it as a way to take the patriots down.

Solidus, along with Dead Cell, Olga, and her army took control of the Big Shell to get Arsenal Gear. They also took hostages (including the current president, James Johnson). Solidus intended to use a nuclear warhead from Arsenal to create an electromagnetic pulse to reveal the existence of the Patriots. Solidus later revealed that he was going to give Arsenal Gear to Deadcell once he had got what he wanted from it: the names of the Patriots. Deadcell were meant to be a distraction to the Patriots while Solidus killed them. However, this plan was foiled by a Patriots spy - Ocelot - who had organised the event to be similar to Shadow Moses so that Raiden would become the ultimate soldier.

Solidus was killed by Raiden on top of Federal Hall, after telling Raiden what he really wanted by taking over the Big Shell - to be immortalized in history. However, he knew Patriots controlled the information flow, so he knew this would not happen.

[edit] Guns of the Patriots

Although dead, Solidus plays an important role in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. In return for giving away Sunny's position to Raiden, EVA wanted Big Boss' body. Raiden found the body, and returned it to EVA. The truth, however, was that the body belonged to Solidus. When in Eastern Europe, the body is stolen from EVA by Ocelot, and when not having more use of the body, Ocelot destroys it.

Voice actors:

English: John Cygan Japanese: Akio Otsuka

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