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Sunny Gurlukovich
NameSunny Gurlukovich
GamesMetal Gear Solid 4
Created byHideo Kojima
Designed byYoji Shinkawa
Voice Actor (En)Christina Puccelli
Voice Actor (Jp)Kikuko Inoue
A screenshot of the eggs Sunny is making during the mission briefing of act 3

[edit] Background

A young girl held captive by the Patriots, a shadowy organization that secretly controls the US. Her mother was Olga Gurlukovich, member of a private Russian army, who died so that Raiden could live (if Raiden died, Sunny would be killed). Sunny was rescued by Raiden and entrusted to Snake and Otacon.

Sunny grew up in the Nomad, never stepping outside and learning everything she knew from Otacon and the Internet. This gave her an extremely high intelligence and an incredible knowledge of machines but little knowledge of social situations. She has a problem with speaking to people because of this. Throughout the game, she is constantly searching for information regarding her biological mother. She enjoys cooking eggs, more for something to do rather than for sustenance, and regularly burns them. She cooks them sunny-side up and makes fortune predictions based on how the eggs turn out. If the egg is perfect when it is released from the egg, good things will happen, but if the yolk breaks, bad things will happen.

When Naomi sends Snake and Otacon an encrypted video mail, Sunny is the one that breaks the encryption, leading Snake to the location of Naomi. After Naomi left an incomplete virus designed to destroy the Patriot's AI with Otacon, Sunny completed it but redesigned it to make it destroy each AI from one access point and keep the functions that society needs to work properly in tact.

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