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The End

[edit] Metal Gear Solid 3

The End was a member of the Cobra Unit in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The fight with the end was set out over 3 different areas. The End could blend into these areas very well, so the player had to use things like thermal goggles to track his footprints, or to see if there was anything standing out. Players could also spot The End by seeing the glare off the lens of his rifle. There is a much easier way of beating The End however. If the player sets their Playstation 2's clock one week forward, when they load the fight again, The End will have died of old age. Players were also given the opportunity to kill The End early. After a cutscene The End was sitting outside of the Ponizovje Warehouse, the player could snipe The End here and the boss fight would be skipped.

Unlike other bosses who try to kill you, The End uses a modified Mosin Nagant, that shoots tranquilizer darts rather than bullets. If The End runs down Snake's stamina, you go to jail.

[edit] Rewards

There were two rewards players could get from the boss fight with The End. If the player sneaks up behind The End and holds him up while shaking side to side, The End will give his camouflage which restores stamina when worn in daylight, before throwing a stun grenade and fleeing.

Players could also get The End's modified Mosin Nagant by depleting his stamina rather than his health. Players had to be quick when doing this, as The End could photosynthesise and restore his stamina.

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