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[edit] Background

The Fear

The Fear was a member of the COBRA unit in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. His name came from the emotion he took into battle, fear, which he did through his spider-like traits. When Big Boss first met with The Fear, he was ambushed and shot with an arrow soaked in the venom of the Brazilian wandering spider. There was a glitch in the game that if this arrow was not removed before the end of the fight, it would stay in Snake for the rest of the game.

The Fear's two weapons of choice were two crossbows. The larger of the two being called William Tell which had long range capabilities and the smaller one being called Little Joe which lacked range but could fire in rapid succession. The bolts used in the crossbows were coated in the poisons of many exotic animals and The Fear also had bolts that burst into flame on impact along with grenade bolts.

The Fear was very agile, being able to move quickly and jump from tree to tree with great speed. He also had stealth camo, which meant that players had to use thermal goggles to be able to see him clearly. However, this would make his stamina go down, so The Fear frequently had to come down to catch food, which can be used to the players advantage: One tactic for defeating The Fear is to tranquilize the Poisonous Dart Frogs in the area and throw them out. If The Fear eats them he becomes poisoned and his stamina starts to deplete.

The Reward for defeating The Fear by Tranquilizing him is his Spider camouflage, the camo index of which never drops below 80%, but Snakes stamina bar constantly drops whilst wearing it.

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