The Fury

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[edit] Background

The Fury

Representing the darker side of the space race between Russia and the United States, The Fury is a man who has seen it all. An astronaut gone mad, this member of the Cobra Unit gazed upon the Earth from space, only to watch the planet burn during atmospheric reentry. Of course, with most of the world relatively free of searing flames, The Fury -- still wearing his astronaut attire and jet pack -- wants to make sure that the roof, the yard and the dog are on fire.

Special abilities: Thanks to his outer space gear, The Fury is well shielded from the flames being thrown out of his flame thrower. A jet pack enables him to fly short distances and stay out of reach.

Weaknesses: Much like Metal Gear Solid's Vulcan Raven, The Fury has a habit of stepping on claymore mines, grenades and explosive charges. The back of his suit is vulnerable to gunfire, so it's wise to stay behind him. Plus, you know, that's away from the flame thrower.

Also, his suit can be ripped by a knife slash, making attacks do more damage.

Trivia: Though his days in space are long gone, The Fury still receives sporadic radio communications from mission control.

[edit] Rewards

The reward for depleting The Fury's Stamina rather than his Health is his Fire camouflage, which protects Snake from flames and explosions.

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