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[edit] The Metal Gear Guide

Written by George Sears, edited by Silver tidus

This is a guide of the Metal Gear Series and includes many spoilers, it includes contents from all Metal Gear games, and it's a good idea to have played all of them before reading this. The below should clear up any holes there are in the storyline of the various Metal Gear games. This is more like theory behind the games.

June 2008 revision

Because of MGS4 many things have changed. I have tried to leave the Guide as untouched as I can but also adding in MGS4 information to clear and provide closure on the whole storyline.


  • 1. How the Snake brothers are affected by their genes
  • 2. The Patriots
  • 3. The S3 plan + extra notes
  • 4. Vamp
  • 5. Meryl
  • 6. Solidus Snake
  • 7. Revolver Ocelot
  • 8. Liquid Snake
  • 9. Metal Gear Solid 4
  • 10. FOXDIE


How the Snake brothers are affected by their genes

1. Well this isn't a fact, but here's the most logical reasoning. Solid Snake: Solid received the dominant solider genes. These are actually the inferior genes. He is inferior to Liquid on the genetic level. Liquid Snake: He received the recessive soldier like genes. These in turn turned out to be the superior genes. He is superior to Solidus and Snake on the genetic level. Solidus Snake: Solidus is like the balance of the Snake scale. He received an equal amount of dominant and recessive genes. He is essentially a well balanced masterpiece.

In MGS4, it is revealed that Solidus is a perfect clone of Big Boss, thus making him the the balanced Soldier of the three.


The Patriots

No one knows for sure who the patriots really are. All key decisions made throughout the secret organization are made by 12 men. The Wiseman's Committee. The patriot's control all of the political, economical and military decisions made in the US. They are the true rulers of our country. And remember the Patriot's cannot "die". The main members can, but there will always be more to take the place. There ideals will always, seemingly control the US.

In MGS4, it is revealed that the original patriots were none other than the main cast from MGS3, that being Big Boss, EVA, Ocelot, Paramedic, Signit, and Zero that wanted to carry on The Boss's will. However over time there was a conflict within the Patriots organization. Big Boss leaves and forms his own militia, depicted in Metal Gear, called Outer Heaven. Zero who did not want to deal with the loss of Big Boss due to him believeing that Big Boss is the icon of their cause, retrieved Big Boss's body and put him into stasis. Zero Created 5 AIs, GW[George Washington], TJ[Thomas Jefferson], AL[Abraham Lincoln] and TR[Theodore Roosevelt] , were all branch AIs with JD[John Doe], the core AI, regulating them.


The S3 plan + extra notes

3. I'll try and be simple. The S3 plan stands for selection for social sanity. It was project the Patriot's decided to introduce due to there fear of the "digital age". The Patriot's are big on complete power and would like it to stay that way. The Patriot's decided they were going to control and censure the digital flow of information. How? With their AI sets, GW and JFK are the two featured in MGS2: SOL. Basically the Patriot's want to mould history as to how they see fit. But first a test had to be conducted. They decided to see if the AI could handle the most extreme of situations. So what situation would they mimic for the test. The Shadow Moses incident. One man against an entire army. The idea for Arsenal Gear is even around during MGS1. Secretary of Defence Jim Houseman is believed to have routed money from the Arsenal project to his own Metal Gear Rex one. For this incident to happen the Patriot's needed a camouflage. This camouflage was the Big Shell. And the Big Shell was needed because of the "sinking" of an oil tanker off the coast of Manhattan. The Patriot's whole main goal for the plan was to see if the AI could present a false reality to a normal person and to see if it could "solve the equation" (i.e. stopping the terrorists). Notes of interest about the S3 plan: - Richard Ames was killed in the Big Shell due to his selling the FOXDIE data to his ex-wife Natastasha Romenenko. - President Johnson was another pawn. The Pat's knew he would betray them at the Big Shell. They thought Raiden would be able to finish him off. When unable to do so, Ocelot stepped in and eliminated him before the launch code could commence. - At the end of MGS2 the S3 plan is a total success. It is proven that total control is possible.



4. Didn't Vamp die during MGS2? Well no, not really. Vamp is called Vamp because he is a bisexual right? Well you can't deny his vampire-like traits. He is able to return from certain death. Three times. 1. After you have outlasted the boss fight with Fortune, Vamp comes down the elevator. Once he walks out Fortune and Vamp have a quick conversation, Raiden pops out from behind a box. He decides to take a risk and takes a shot at Fortune. Of course Fortune's device allows bullets to miss her automatically. The bullet ricochets around the room and eventually tears through Vamp's skull and comes out through his stomach. While he appears dead Fortune’s tears seem to revive him in some way. 2. After your boss fight with Vamp he falls into a pool of oxygenated water. Vamp, already wounded from the fight can not sustain himself because of the harsh gravity. He drowns, right? Wrong. 3. While Emma Emmerich is crossing the Strut L Oil Fence you are tasked to take down gun cyphers, explosives and guards. While about 3/4's of the way there Vamp pops out of the water. He grabs onto Emma and holds her hostage with one of his knives. You are tasked with killing him (again). Once you deplete his life bar Vamp goes flying into the water. Dead right? Wrong. At the ending of MGS2 Vamp can be seen watching Snake and Raiden while leaving in a taxi cab. Alive and "well". So what comes in contact with Vamp each time he dies? Water! Could it be the very thing that revives him. It's the main theory we have on him as of now.

In MGS4, it is now revealed why Vamp appears to be Immortal. Based on a healing nanomachine design by Dr. Naomi Hunter, the formula was perfected by someone and injected into Vamp. Making him seem immortal because the nanomachines healed him rapidly.



5. Didn't Meryl die at the end of MGS1? No, not in the Canon ending of MGS1. In that ending Snake escapes with Meryl from Shadow Moses Island and let's the colonel send in a rescue team to get Otacon out. There relationship doesn't last long and she breaks up with Snake shortly after they have made it safely home. Wait, I saw Meryl in MGS2! She's in one of the Snake Tales right? Well yes, but those are not considered canon to the Metal Gear Solid time line.


Solidus Snake

6. So, Solidus was responsible for Shadow Moses incident?Yes, Solidus sent in his most trusted spy Revolver Ocelot to provoke Liquid Snake into starting the incident. Solidus did this while he was President of the United States under the alias George Sears. Although Ocelot succeeded in obtaining the Metal Gear Rex testing data the incident revealed to the public the existence of Rex and the Genome Army. The Patriot's decided it was time for Solidus to "resign" from office. After his resignation his health was scheduled to fail him. Luckily he escapes underground with Ocelot. While out of public view he assumes control of Dead Cell. Solidus wanted Ocelot to steal Metal Gear Ray and sink the tanker right? Yes, Solidus again wanted to use Ocelot to further his plans to topple the Patriot's. Unfortunately for him it was all apart of the S3 plan. In the end Solidus became another pawn in the Patriot's game after the Shadow Moses incident. In the end his most trusted man Ocelot, screwed him over. And always had been.


Revolver Ocelot

7. So Revolver Ocelot has always worked for the Patriot's? Yes, he has always been a Patriot's spy. Here's a little timeline I've written for him 1944-1964: Ocelot is trained to be a spy by the Patriot's. 1964: Ocelot is sent to the Russian GRU faction. His mission is to steal the Philosopher’s Legacy. He achieves stealing at least half. 1964-1995: Ocelot is still a spy and is working in Russia. Probably trying to get the rest of the Legacy back. He also fight wars in Chad, Mozambique, Afghanistan and a few other places. 1995: Ocelot is sent to Outer Heaven by the Patriot's to spy on Big Boss's regime. 1997: Two years after the fall of Outer Heaven Ocelot joins Zanzibar Land along with an old comrade later to be named Vulcan Raven. He is still a Patriot's spy. 2005: Ocelot is sent to Shadow Moses by Solidus (okayed by the Pat's). Ocelot recovers the Metal Gear Rex testing data and all of the people who were supposed to die did. Except for Solid Snake. 2007: While he is still believed to be under the employ of Solidus, Ocelot "rejoins" his old friend Sergei Gurlockivich. Sergei believes Ocelot wants to help him rebuild mother Russia. While on the tanker Ocelot steals Ray for Solidus (not really, remember this all apart of the S3 plan). And sinks the tanker. 2009: Ocelot helps Solidus take over the Big Shell. While on the Shell Ocelot monitors Raiden's movements and makes sure everything goes smoothly while still fooling Solidus and Dead Cell. At the end of the game Ocelot "betrays" (not like he was ever really his ally) Solidus. While attempting to kill Solidus, Raiden, Snake and Fortune, his reattached arm which once belonged to Liquid Snake takes over Ocelot. The Nanomachines causes Ocelot to switch personality's to Liquid Snake. Liquid Ocelot steals Ray again and leaps off of Arsenal Gear convinced he can stop the Patriots.

In MGS4, it is revealed that Ocelot was actually a Patriot himself, thus all the ties with the Patriots. Although he was a Patriot, it is unclear if he was acting under the Patriots leader Zero, or Big Boss, for he was very loyal to Big Boss, and there was that conflict with Zero and BB. It's also revealed that the reason Ocelot turns into Liquid is because he went through Psychotherapy to become Liquid in order to trick the Patriot AI system.


Liquid Snake

8. So Liquid didn't start the Shadow Moses incident?Yes, he technically did. Although it was planned by Solidus and Ocelot. Liquid controlled FOXHOUND and the Genome Army. Although at the end of MGS it appears he dies from FOXDIE, Liquid's nanomachines appear to live on through his arm and inside Ocelot. Crrrrazzzyy. So Liquid suffered from accelerated aging?Maybe, remember his line when takes control of Ocelot on the Tanker, "You're drowning in time brother, I know what it's like!" Snake then remembers his accelerated aging which he has begun to suffer from. Liquid did suffer from it around the time of the Shadow Moses incident.


Metal Gear Solid 4

9. [will complete soon]



10. So wait, I didn't catch Naomi's explanation on FOXDIE! Okay, buckle up ladies and gentlemen. Were in for a trip. Naomi: "FOXDIE is a type of retrovirus that targets and kills only specific people. First, it infects the macrophages in the victim's body. FOXDIE contains smart enzymes, created through protein engineering. [First generation Nanomachines] They're programmed to respond to specific genetic patterns in the cells." Snake: "Those enzymes recognize the target's DNA?" Naomi: "Right. They respond by becoming active, and using the macrophages, they begin creating TNF epsilon. It's a type of cytokine, a peptide which causes cells to die. The TNF epsilon is carried along the bloodstream to the heart, where they attach to the TNF receptors in the heart cells." Snake: "And then...they cause a heart attack?" Naomi: "The heart cells suffer a shock and undergo an extreme apoptosis. Then...the victim dies." Snake: " mean the heart cells commit suicide...?" That's the official quote from the game. Here's some more info. Before the Shadow Moses incident Solid Snake was injected with FOXDIE along with Nanomachines by FOXHOUND medical expert, Dr. Naomi Hunter. Snake was supposed to be a vector for the drug. The virus was supposed to kill Solid Snake, Arms Tech President Kenneth Baker, FOXHOUND members Decoy Octopus, Vulcan Raven, Sniper Wolf, Psycho Mantis and Liquid Snake. It managed to kill Baker, Decoy and Liquid Snake. So why didn't FOXDIE kill Mantis, Wolf, and Raven. I'll tell you. Snake never got close to Vulcan Raven until right before he died, meaning FOXDIE couldn't affect him. Psycho Mantis wore his mask, so FOXDIE couldn't affect him, and the tranquillizers Wolf took constantly kept it from affecting her. Now what about Ocelot? Well things are a bit fuzzy concerning him. On one hand, Solidus gave him the FOXDIE vaccine before he went into Shadow Moses. However, Ocelot was also working with the Patriot's at the time, meaning it's very likely he wasn't a target at all.

In MGS4 it is revealed that Ocelot himself is a Patriot, thus he most likely was never a target at all. It was also revealed that the FOXDIE in Snake was beginning to mutate, and soon it would no longer attack on specific genes and attack any gene, making Snake a biological weapon in the process. However Debrin injected Snake with a new type of FOXDIE and it is stopping the old from mutating and neutralizing the old FOXDIE, thus curing Snakes dilemma of being a biological hazard

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