The Sorrow

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The Sorrow

[edit] Background

The Sorrow was once a member of the COBRA unit, he fought alongside them in World War II. Although he had no combat skill, he had spiritual powers.

He and The Boss were Ocelot's parents. However, he was eventually killed by The Boss, while she was on a mission in Tselinoyarsk.

[edit] Appearances in Snake Eater

Despite The Sorrow being dead, he made several appearances, and even confronted Big Boss in a dream. He is usually seen in cutscenes when the player has to press R1 to see from a character's perspective. In the cutscene before Snake is put into a cell, if players press R1, they can see The Sorrow holding up a radio frequency. If the player calls this number while in the cell, the door will be unlocked.

As said above, Snake is confronted by The Sorrow in a dream whilst he is knocked out and drifting down a river. In the fight, the player sees the ghosts of everyone he/she has killed, including the ghosts of the COBRA Unit. The player can use the fake death pill and revival pill at any time, but if the player waits until The Sorrow is floating above his skeleton and walks into it, then uses the revival pill, they will get the spirit camo with the rest of their equipment back from EVA. This camo eliminates footstep noise.

[edit] Voice Actors:

  • David A. Thomas (English)
  • Yukitoshi Hori (Japanese)

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