Unlockables (MGA2)

Card Pack Upgrades:

Complete the game once and load your finished date. At the points where you received the card packs, they will be upgraded into newer versions.

Chronicle Unlimited pack = Upgrade Chronicle Pack
MGS1 Integral Pack = Upgrade MGS1 Pack
MGS2 Substance Pack = Upgrade MGS2 Pack
MGS3 Subsistence Pack = Upgrade MGS3 Pack

Card Movie Theater:

Beat the game once and the selection "Card Movies" will appear in Deck Editor.
This will allow you to view the clips associated with various cards when you play them during gameplay. Example, watching the Grey Fox clip from MGS1 when you play the "Cyborg Ninja" card.

Unlockable Cards:

Metal Gear Ray = Beat campain mode twice
MGS4 = Complete the game on Easy
Metal Gear Rex = Complete the game on Normal
E-Z Gun = Beat 6 levels in Arena Mode on Easy
Stealth Camo = Beat 6 levels in Arena Mode on Normal
Running Man = Complete 6 rounds in the Arena on Hard
G36C = Beat 6 levels in Arena Mode on Extreme

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