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AffiliationsDead Cell
Voice Actor (En)Phil LaMarr

[edit] Background

A knives expert from Romania, Vamp developed a taste for blood after a terrorist attack. Vamp was almost killed when a church was bombed. Vamp was pierced and survived by drinking the blood of his family.

Vamp had incredible agility and could perform moves based on Flamenco dancing. He also appeared to be immortal, reviving himself each time Raiden had apparently killed him.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Big Shell Incident

Vamp, along with Fatman and Fortune, participated in the Big Shell Incident. He was accidentally shot by Raiden in a battle with Fortune, but revived himself. Raiden fought directly in the filtration chamber of the facility, where Vamp apprently died. However, he again rejuvenated himself, and attacked Emma Emmerich on the plant's oil fence. Raiden seemingly finished him off and blasted him into the sea, but he wasn't dead. He was seen after Arsenal Gear had landed climbing into a taxi.

[edit] Guns of the Patriots

Vamp was an ally of Liquid Ocelot in the Guns of the Patriots plan. He first appeared in South America, and accompanied Ocelot for the grand unveiling in Eastern Europe. Vamp, along with Ocelot and Naomi, travelled to Shadow Moses to retreive the railgun for Metal Gear REX. Snake followed them through the facility and confronted Vamp in front of REX. Snake utlised his newfound knwoledge of Vamp's powers to his advantage. Snake injected him to neutralise the nanomachines which accelerated his body's rejuvenation. Now a "mere mortal" Vamp fought Raiden once again, now on REX's head where Snake and his similarly resilient brother Liquid had battled. Raiden eventually landed the finishing blow, and Vamp fell from REX.

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