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[edit] Background

Vince makes an appearance in Metal Gear Acid 2 as head of security for SaintLogic and is hired by Rodzinski. Little is known about Vince and his past. he wears a long service coat that cover his entire body. He wears a war time german service helmet topped with a synical spike and a metal mask covers up all of his face apart from his robotic blue eyes which raises the question, is he human or not? His weapon of choice is an RPG that is slung over his back.

Vince without his RPG

[edit] Trivia

When fighting Vince you will always notice that he is surrounded by a flock of blackbirds. As useless as they may look, they fetch him ammunition for his gun and give him an iconic resemblence to the Metal Gear Solid villain: Vulcan Raven

[edit] Tips

In battle, Vince will always shoot a warning shot that always misses before targetted Snake or Venus.

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