Vulcan Raven

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Vulcan Raven

Vulcan Raven was an inuit member of FOXHOUND in Metal Gear Solid, before this he had been employed at Outer Heaven.

Solid Snake fights with Vulcan Raven twice in Metal Gear Solid. The first time is on the snowfield between the tank hangar and the warhead storage warehouse. The player had to use Chaff Grenades to sabotage the tanks controls, and then use grenades to do the damage. The second time Snake fights with Raven is in a warehouse, on the way to where Metal Gear Rex is stored. Players had to sneak up behind Raven and use stinger missiles. Claymores could also be used. After the fight, Raven told Snake that the DARPA Chief he saw dying was actually Decoy Octopus, a member of FoxHound. He also says that he will be watching over Snake, hence his appearance in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty as an action figure.

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