Weapons (MG)

The following is a list of all the weapons that you can use in Metal Gear, along with pictures and their descriptions.

[edit] Grenade Launcher


Launches grenades to the target area. The target moves as you move.

[edit] Handgun


A semi-automatic pistol. Fires one shot at a time. Can add a silencer for suppression.

[edit] Mine


A mine which explodes by applying weight to them. If you equip a Mine Detector you can see where the Mines are placed on the ground.

[edit] Plastic Explosives


When placed on a wall, it explodes within a few seconds.

[edit] Remote-Control Missile


Anti-tank missile. Sight-guided manual control system allows adjustment with the cursor keys after it's launch. It's range is limited to inside the screen.

[edit] Rocket Launcher


Launches rockets across the screen.

[edit] Sub-Machine Gun


Small-lightweight SMG. Can add a silencer for suppression.

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