Weapons (MG2)

The following is a list of all the weapons that you can use in Metal Gear 2, along with pictures and their descriptions.

[edit] Ammunition

Refills ammo in your Handgun and your Sub-Machine Gun.

[edit] Camouflage Mat

A camouflage mat for use on any flat terrain. Used to camouflage yourself from guards. Walk over it to pick up.

[edit] Flame Thrower

Provides you with unlimited uses. Made from two household items. Master Miller can tell you how to make this when you have the right materials.

[edit] Gas Grenade

Emits a neutralizing gas that flows with the wind upon explosion. An arrow will indicate the wind direction after detonation.

[edit] Grenade

An impact-detonating grenade. A target will indicate where it falls. The target will move as you move.

[edit] Handgun

A semi-automatic pistol. Fires one shot at a time. Can add a silencer for suppression.

[edit] Lighter

A silver lighter. Could be useful with another item.

[edit] Mine

A mine which explodes by applying weight to them. If you equip a Mine Detector you can see where the Mines are placed on the ground.

[edit] Mouse

A robot to search for traps and sensors. Useful for tricking enemies who have been alerted by sounds.

[edit] Plastic Bomb C4

A clay like bomb. You may blow them up off screen as long as they are in your radar.

[edit] Remote-Control Missile

Anti-tank missile. Sight-guided manual control system allows adjustment with the cursor keys after it's launch. It's range is limited to inside the screen.

[edit] Silencer

Allows you to silence you gun so guards do not hear your fire.

[edit] Stinger

A portable anti-air missile. You can attack off screen if the target is within range.

[edit] Sub-Machine Gun

Small-lightweight SMG. Can add a silencer for suppression.

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