Weapons (MGS)

These are all the weapons that you'll be able to find and use throughout Metal Gear Solid.

[edit] C4


They will rarely be used throughout the game, usually just at the beginning. Place them on odd-colored sections of the wall and set it off and it'll blow a chunk out of the wall. As a fun thing to do, place them on an enemies back, watch them walk around and set it off! They can usually be found in the Armory. Maximum ammo is 16.

[edit] Chaff Grenade


Only used for one reason only: jamming cameras, so you can slip by without getting noticed. Though, when it's jamming the camera, it disables your radar. So, with a positive, comes a negative. It can be found in the center of the Helipad, though they can be found many more times throughout the game. Maximum ammo is 27.

[edit] Claymore


Not something you'll find yourself using lots, but good to use if you see an enemy coming your way. Once an enemy or you come in its range, bang! You can use the Mine Detector to see if there's any mines around you; you can also crawl on the ground to pick up the mines. They're very effective against the MI Tank. They can be found in the canyon, underground passage, as well as the snowfield. Maximum ammo is 16.

[edit] FAMAS


A rapid assault rifle. It's perfect when you're surrounded by many enemies, so you easily take them all out. The advantages are that it's very quick, and that it holds tons of ammo; disadvantages are that many bullets are wasted, because 50% of the bullets don't hit anything. It can be found in the Armory. Maximum ammo is 451.

[edit] Grenade


Great to use when there's many enemies around you; it can easily take them all out. But, make sure take caution and step back because the explosion can damage you as well. Though, it does cause tons of noise. They can usually be found in the Armory, though there's tons more throughout the game. Maximum ammo is 36.

[edit] Nikita


A remote-controlled missile launcher. Great for taking out enemies from a distance. Once you fire it, use the D-pad to control its direction, and use the first-person view (hold Triangle) to steer it. It does move quite slowly, so make sure you hit something. It can't be used in areas where radio waves are jammed. It can be found in the Nuke Building, B1. Maximum ammo is 35.

[edit] PSG-1


A fantastic sniper rifle that is great for taking out enemies that are far away, because of its great range. Though, you'll most likely find yourself just using it for battle with Sniper Wolf. You'll definitely want to use Diazepam when sniping, because it will stop the shaking when shooting. You can find it in the Armory. Maximum ammo is 16.

[edit] SOCOM


This is the gun that you'll most likely be using throughout the course of the game. Though, it'll be best to wait until you find the silencer for it because shooting off this gun will most likely cause a guard to hear you and you'll be in trouble. The advantages of it is that it's very easy to aim and easy to use; disadvantages are that it's loud (without silencer), it has a small clip size, and it's quite slow when shooting. It can be found in the truck, in the Heliport. Maximum ammo is 217.

[edit] Stinger


This is a lock-on missile; find a target (cameras, auto-guns, helicopters) and take them out easily. This is the most useful weapon when taking on helicopters. It can be found after the bridge near Communications Tower. Maximum ammo is 35.

[edit] Stun Grenade


Is also effective when surrounded by many enemies, it won't kill them, but they'll be out for awhile. They're can be found all throughout the game. Maximum ammo is 27.

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